One of Canada’s most talented, hidden emerging singer/songwriters. Graeme Havens is in a category all of his own and a rebel not influenced by structure, rules and music theory. It’s a pleasure to put on his records cover to cover, they tell a story with his clever snappy lyrics and hours of original material.

The Instrumental contributions by his close professional music friends lift his music to a much hire level. “Casey Lewis – Backup vocals/Drums – Belvedere”, “Ray Banman – Bass Guitar – Cole Bradley”, “Megan Brown – strings/vocals – Makiisma” and “Austrian – keys/vocals – Stars from streetlights”. What a team of heavy hitters and with his unique aggressive guitar style along with a beautiful, sharp, yet gentle raspy voice.

The years of combined talent is brilliant and is definitely reflected in his records overall quality and skill. But hearing him for the first time acoustically live should be noted, it is very special and doesn’t happen too often. He reports to have written over 250 songs, and has his next 4 albums and a few singles already picked out.

Including Two stellar songs,
“Better Tomorrow” and “The Noose”.
Out March 13th, 2020.

Canadian award winning singer/songwriter Rebecca Lappa teams up with Graeme for one small but powerful album. Two rock songs, both epic journeys with an entirely different mood, genre and story of their own. Both deal with serious issues in relationships. Shining a bit of light in a dark shady room was the intent of this record. I think we accomplished this.

Graeme has most certainly established his foot in the door of professional music singer/songwriter career. And with his second LP, almost double the length in material with 65mins and 18 songs on two volumes of music. Impressive!
Graeme wants to release an album every year until he runs out of songs to record. So I guess if you are worried he will stop making music, that won’t be happening any time soon.