Hey guys! It’s Me, Graeme!

Y’all don’t know me! But I’ve been around for a while. I haven’t put much music online, in fact, nothing really except for a few videos last year.

But I’ve been playing for over a decade with a few years absence here and there at this open jam spot on Sunday nights at this bar called O’byrne’s Irish Pub. I’ve written music my whole life, thinks finally ready to share with the world!

So the question everyone always asks, “what Is the Graeme Havens sound?…”

That’s hard to describe, I love Celtic music and punk rock is in my early music careers roots. I’d like to say just this, each song sounds completely different and not one of those 12 tracks are filler. Each track may not be your favourite style of music but I haven’t come across many people who didn’t like it yet!

I’d liked to believe I have found a good centralized idea that I can take pretty much take any tune and bring it together in a package almost anyone can enjoy. I write a lot of music, and I also have another brand new album being written and almost completely on the way in the winter.

I hope this all-star band we put together can get nominated for “Best new artist” next year at the Juno’s. Wouldn’t that be something eh?

Thank you for taking an interest, can’t wait to play it for you all live.